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How This Nonprofit Grew from 1000 Donors/Year to 1000 Donors/Week

In 2010, Rainforest Trust had a total of 1000 donors. By applying a strategy of growth, empathy, and data-driven insights, they now get 1000 donors each week, and sometimes over 1000 donors in a single day. 

Learn the exact steps they deployed to increase their donor base over 50x, including how they regularly convert small annual donations into five-figure major gifts.

Watch this Executive Briefing and Q&A by Leslie VanSant, Chief Philanthropy Officer, and Michelle Husko, Director of Donor Services, at Rainforest Trust along with the WealthEngine team.

You will learn:

  • The strategy that grew their donor base by 50x in the last decade
  • How they use data to convert small donations into major gifts
  • The messaging and tactics they found to have the most impact